Not only have Promethean been taking time to think about how we interact with their whiteboards, SMART have been too.  Unlike Promethean, instead of focusing on having more than one user at the board they have instead focused on how we switch between modes.  Remembering to click the arrow to drag, or to place the pen it’s holder and select the eraser is going to become a think of the past for SMART users.

I really like this new feature.  It takes a while to get used to moving between modes on all of the boards and although we eventually do it automatically ( a little like steering and changing gears when driving)  it will be really nice to be able to do so without having to think!.   I am disappointed that they’re not offering this feature update for free.  According to the press releases we’re looking at US$147 for the upgrade. (AUD $229.987 and GBP £102.869 at today’s rates) They really ought to offer these updates for free.


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