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One of the greatest things that has always impressed my about Promethean is the ease at which you, as the customer, can influence the way the Activ software is developed. It’s a real asset to them that they have a team who are always receptive to comments and suggestion.  Within a couple of hours of posting a link to my report below on Promethean Planet a host of the team had read the entry, watched the video and responded.  I’d like to thank them very much for their speedy response and for “andyed” who was very patient with me yesterday as I kept adding things to my list!

Obviously, if you’re a member of Promethean Planet (as all Promethean users ought to be – It’s such a valuable resource!) then you can follow our conversation in the forums. In case you’re not a member I am more than happy to tell you here the main gist of what has been said. Here are a few snippets from the forums (Anything I’ve said is in Bold).

  • “I read your blog piece and it looks like quite a few of your ‘niggles’ have already been sorted out or are well on the way – page turning/transitions, internal search for resources, toolbar outside the app… The   team will keep the forum updated with items that have been fixed or will be fixed and rolled out asap, so keep checking!”
  • “Great video. The good news is that we have addressed nearly all your issues and are working on top priority plug ins as well.
    • PDF Import plug in
    • Search plug in
    • Page turning plug in

We fixed about 150 issues since Beta and we will produce some release notes once we get another round of internal testing done and that Gold date is looming

  • Quote:When I want to change the colour of my text in text edit mode… Why can’t i use the pallet on the toolbar?
Good idea Just informing an ActivAnt to collect that one.
  • Quote:“If put the blind on to the page where I want it and then move to the next page – it disappears and shows the answers! (eik!)I could do with being able to set the blind to cover the answers (as the box does) before the lesson so that it acts like that box. So when I move forward to the page it’s  already covering the answers, then I can reveal each answer by pulling down the blind as i would normally (I can’t do that if I have show/hide set on the box as I have in that flippy) and I would then be able to annotate the text under the blind.Does that make sense?

Yes you should be able to do this now. I assume what you are asking for can be done in     ActivStudio? If so then Inspire now has the same capability as ActivStudio and a little bit more in this area.”

  • “Has the opacity of the highlighter been changed too? I keep having highlight and then change the level of transparency.

Yes we have changed it now plus it is a setting so you can set it up exactly how you want it to appear”

There’s also plenty of talk on the forums about the addition of tables.  This is something that has been desperately lacking for ages (and something SMART got right 18months ago!) so I’m really glad to see that one on the agenda ūüôā

My main suggestion to everyone who uses Promethean’s software is to make sure you are a part of this discussion.  It’s such a valuable exercise and as you’re creating lesson resources everyday you might as well do so in the new version and see how you go.  That’s how I’ve been operating for the last 3 weeks and it looks like it’s all been very useful.  As soon as I find out more I’ll report back on here.

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    Hi. I like the way you write. Will you post some more articles?

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