The first update is now available for Activ Inspire.
Watch the video below to see how to easily update your software.


I have to say that whilst I am very appreciative of the fixes in this new upgrade, I am also very disappointed that some of the issues we’ve been raising since before the first release still haven’t been addressed.

This release is focusing on fixing bugs rather than enhancing features or restoring some of the missing elements in Inspire. This is vital and of course of greater priority than pretty page turns, search bars in the library etc. My only problem with it is that we were told, in the forums, that the issues we raised back in January would be fixed in the “next release”.

Here’s a list of the major fixes:

Functionality Changes

  • Now available in Arabic, Spanish, French, Russian, Trad Chinese, Simp Chinese, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Swedish, Korean, Kazakh, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Hebrew, Brazilian Portuguese, German & Vietnamese
  • Arabic, Turkish, Hungarian handwriting recognition languages added.
  • Trial mode length increased to 60 days
  • Mac system keyboard shortcuts Cmd-Q, Cmd-H and Cmd-Shift-Q are no longer overridden by Inspire.
  • When inserting flash and/or videos using the menu main (Insert->Media) a placeholder object will be created and not a link.
  • When dragging on flash and/or video files onto the canvas a placeholder object will be created and not a link.
  • If the display size of a video cannot be obtained then inspire will display at 400 by 300.
  • New shapes now snap on creation.
  • Flipchart object settings – transparency now works OK.
  • Property Grid. Numbers now use correct floating point separators for locale
  • Grid Designer. Numbers now use correct floating point separators for locale.
  • Clear Grid. Undo / redo now works correctly.

Bug Fixes

  • Start-up crashes on MAC related to internet plugins/phonon.
  • Intermittent window jitter when docking toolbar on Windows Vista.
  • Extract text by dragging selected text in text edit mode not working – Mac
  • Text symbols not being displayed properly on Mac
  • Text edit, to fix missing cursor issue
  • Text edit marquee select issue, text marquee select was not recalculating text height properly
  • Screen recorder does not display an error response if user has configured unsupported codec’s
  • Color on main toolbox not being saved between sessions, only in Studio mode
  • Teacher lock not handled properly in case of desktop flipchart, desktop tools, switching browsers
  • You can NOW select a printer in the print dialog
  • Vote results now display in numeric order
  • Fixed crash when using legacy votes
  • Can now enter accented characters onto page on the Mac
  • Fixed crash when printing on Mac
  • Clock now remembers countup/down value
  • Import from mathtype improved
  • Extract text now copies the correct text
  • Screen recorder now displays progress
  • Mac help will display correctly
  • Admin.ini will create a path if it doesn’t already exist
  • Fixed screen recorder crash on Mac

Things that some users may be disappointed to find with this release are:

  • no changes to compass
  • no page turn effects
  • no multi monitor support
  • no fraction creator

and we have been assured that “This release was primarily to include the new languages & do major bug fixes & these things haven’t just been forgotten or discarded.”


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