Back in 2007 Promethean announced that they would be unveiling a new, innovative IWB which would allow more than one student to work on a task, at the board at the same time.  In 2008 they revealed ActivArena and release ActivInspire to help make this transition even easier for the user.  At BETT in 2009 I asked the SMART tech folk what their views were on this new advancement. What were SMART going to do in response?  They told me, at the time, that they didn’t understand why you would want to have more than one user at the board anyway and pointed me towards the fact that their slates already meant that multiple users could operate the board, just from a distance.

Now, a year later, they have released their own version of Arena.  It is now possible to have more than one user at a SMART board.

In the next few days I will write an update to this blog in which I will explain how SMART are using technology to achieve this and making some comparisons with Promethean’s now widely used version.


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