Priory WoodsOne of the most clicked links I have in my resource bank, these are great fun! I use them with classes that need short, sharp tasks and then a reward. To break the lessons up into manageable 10 minute chunks my students sometimes get rewarded with a choice of one of these silly videos. It all helps with behaviour management ūüėČ

The site’s creators come from the teaching expertise of a special school so these videos are actually intended to help children to understand and generalise cause and effect (the action / reaction bond), one of the foundation stones for early learning. All of the videos can be played on-line or downloaded for use on a PC or Macintosh computer.

They are also links to interactive talking story books and other useful interactive activities.

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  1. SUsan DYer 10 years ago

    Our students love them

  2. Speed math 10 years ago


    This is one of the best wites I have visited in some time, thanks for writing this. Bookmarked and will be here again….

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