We’ve all been there.  You’re stood in front of a class for what seems like the 100th time and you’re asking them to recall a piece of information you all learnt last week.  It’s just it’s not there any more and they’re definitely not up for hearing from you all over again for the 400th time.  A few months ago I had an email from a colleague at CEGSA about Watch Know; a video resource site for teachers and pupils.

Initially i thought… “another one!”.  We’ve already had Teacher Tube and there are a growing number of educational video on YouTube.  However, I completely underestimated what this site has to offer.  Instead of typing something blindly into the search box and receiving 3,000 results (most of which are unsuitable) what this site does is organise all of the content for you. All of the videos which are shown have been sourced by teachers like you and me.  Teachers who have found the video suitable, useful and fitting.  They are rated and sorted and save you (and your students) a lot of time.  They’re still hosted on their original site (YouTube, teacher tube etc) but they’re all in one place and much easier to find.

Recent research shows that when asked to do research, rather than “Google” the topic or look it up on Wikipedia they go to YouTube and just watch the information as  they make notes.  Wouldn’t that be better than getting yet another “copy and paste” from a Wiki or other website? Another advantage that i found was that my students were bored of my explaining simile and metaphor (again) but when I showed them a video from YouTube every single one of them was paying attention and learning. They loved the zombies and other silly things that were involved and it helped them to retain something that they were struggling with previously.  It helped to break up my lesson into small chunks with an educational video every 15 minutes as we learned (or reminded ourselves) of new skills.

So, instead of sending yourself crazy searching through 3000 videos on measurement.  Let Watch Know sort it all our for you and then embed them into your flip-chart /Notebook etc for ease of access!  😉

Give it a go and feel free to comment below about your experience.


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