Jing Screencast softwareBy the same company who created “snag it”, Jing allows you to create screen casts of your computer.  Great for making how-to videos and it’s completely free. It will allow you to screen grab parts of your screen and paste them into documents (Bring up your e-textbook,  take a snap shot, place it into your worksheet, email it to absent pupils etc – copyright permitting.)

Hosted by Screen cast, as you take pictures and create videos you will then develop a library of videos that you can share with your students or embed into your e-learning spaces. Once your collection is developed you can then organise your files into media rolls.  These become like playlists that your students can access – an easy way of placing lots of home-made materials in one location.

As a bonus, Techsmith provide heaps of great FREE training to with it too!


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