‘Tis the season for updates!  Easiteach Next Generation have also released an update for their software.  We’ve now gone from 1.1 (released in October 2010) to 2.2 ! You should have been prompted as soon as you open the software for an update. If you haven’t a link is available here so you can manually download and install it yourself.

Here are the key new features you’ll find in Easiteach Next Gen v1.2:

  • Additional language – Hungarian
  • Printing – accessible from the ‘e’ menu
  • Snap objects to grid – accessible from My easiteach
  • Remove punctuation improvements – allow single punctuation type to be removed
  • Fill tool improvements – enable fill on place value cards and word builder cards
  • Soft grouping for word builder cards
  • Ability to access page properties from Side panel view mode
  • Show angles and dimensions (bigger, clearer), curtain reveal (darker)
  • Object alignment – added “distribute objects evenly” option
  • Object reflection – added “reflect to the top/bottom” option

We’ve also been given some brand new widgets to play with!

  • Voting
  • Web browser
  • Compass
  • Domino pairs
  • Symmetry designer
  • Picture painter

and some improvements to some of the existing ones:

  • Ruler improvements –works directly with the scale of the page and the pen tool to allow you to draw against it
  • Matching pairs – bug fixes to scoring/marking
  • Graph widget – numbers now line up with marks on the axes
  • Number line, Number grid and Graph widgets – you can now resize the numbers using the font size picker

I’m actually really enjoying this software develop and grow.  It’s shaping up to be rather good! 🙂   I’ve been making a few videos for those of you who are getting started with Next Gen.  Please feel free to check them out at your You Tube channel.

  1. Author
    Selena Woodward 9 years ago

    I’ve been asked an excellent question about the voting widget that I thought I would share with you all. The information may be useful.

    The question was about the new voting widget and whether or not you would be able to use a set of SMART voting tools with it.

    The answer is, No. Unfortunately, at this time, the SMART voting tools can not be used with the widget. However, “there will be the functionality to allow SMART to add support for the product should they choose to”

  2. Anonymous 9 years ago

    I think this is really good information for teachers because plenty of new features are added in this updated software. Keep it up!

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