idealresourcesThis site provides schools with simple and easy to use resources.  This used to run from CD Rom and now it run ‘in the cloud’.  All you have to do is sign up for one of the packages and away you go! You can create folders of activities, organise them into programs and learning pathways and set tasks for your students to complete for homework.

Over 600 ready made activities for Numeracy, Literacy, Maths and English.  Suitable for every kind of interactive device available, and fully aligned with the Australian Curriculum why not grab a free trial and check it out?

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  1. Sonia O'Dea 5 years ago

    Hi, I tried using some of the maths activities with my students on the iPad but we were unable to load them. Do they usually work on iPads?


    Sonia O’Dea
    Year 4 teacher

    • Author
      Selena 5 years ago

      Hi Sonia. I emailed the team over at Ideal Resources. They are not currently compatible with iPads at the moment. They’ll work on other tablets though 🙂

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