I’ve been busy making English Lessons for Easiteach over the last few days.  I’ve also been busy getting my official Easiteach Next Generation accreditation.  I’m now fully accredited to deliver courses for you 🙂

If you’re interested in the teaching resources I’ve submitted, then they can be found on Easilearn.com.

They are:

Macbeth- The role of women -An interactive lesson for Macbeth- The role of women
Looking for Alibrandi – Openings– An interactive lesson Looking for Alibrandi – Openings
Poetic Terms Matching Game- Poetic Terms Matching Game- great fun if I do say so myself. A quick tip with this one is to make sure you use the clock to stop the game taking up the whole lesson… Make them complete it in 10 mins 😉
Connotation and Denotation – An interactive lesson for Connotation and Denotation (It’s not all about you Kalma)
Please feel free to download them, rate them, give me feedback on them, change them etc. 🙂  I’ll be making more so if you have any requests fire them this way! 🙂

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