For years now this site has had a slightly hidden section to it. You might have noticed the link  that appears at the end of the navigation bar that says “MOODLE” or the invitation to come into the on-line training section of the site that sits at the bottom of the front page.  Well…  The Moodle has had a big ‘ol update today.

Firstly, it’s moved onto our new “” address so, if you’re already a member, you’ll need to reset your bookmarks.  We’ve also upgraded to Moodle 2.0 – this should mean some great new features can be added further down the track. For now, we’re taking it slowly. You’ll recognise all the content from the old site sitting there waiting for you.  Some of it’s been updated and it’s definitely been added to. There’s currently a good collection of free lesson resource downloads (Promethean ActivInspire/V3, Smart Notebook and Easiteach Next Gen files rather than links to websites and some helpful ‘how to’ videos and printable guides. Soon some free on-line training, challenges will appear again.

The best thing about the MOODLE is the ability to share resources.  A lot of the “.flipchart”, “.notebook” and “.etng” files available for download have been shared by the 250 odd people who are already a member.  There are forums inside too and although they are currently all shiny and new… they’re a great place to share ideas and ask questions – to accelerate your own and others learning.  Even if you’ve never used a MOODLE before and you’re curious, then this part of the site could be a place to see what they’re all about.

If you’re having trouble logging into it today then that might be because your user name and password may have changed in the move.  We know… annoying… it’s hard enough to remember the password you chose last time!  We can only apologise.  The good news is that everyone’s password has been changed to the generic “changeme” and that you will be asked to change it as soon as you log in for the first time. You might even get away with using the same password you used last time!  (Of course the MOODLE security policies require that the password have letters, numbers and punctuation in it!)  Your user names, however are always the first letter of your first name followed by your surname – all in lower case.

If you’ve never visited before then you will have the option to register. Just scroll down and click on the pink version of the title “Testing Our Own Skills” and follow the instructions. Once you’re registered you’ll also be signed up to the  our termly newsletters.

Once you’ve logged in, you can of course edit your profiles. Add a picture, check your email address is still valid and that I have the correct information on the system. For some reason, this version of Moodle has decided we’re all from America… and although we love our American members (*waves*) most of us are from Australia and the UK and will probably want to make changes! 😉

If you can’t get in – don’t give up!  Email info@teachertechnologies and I’ll send you a personal email with your details in it so you can get back in ASAP.

Looking forward to seeing you in the online classroom soon!


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