Hooray! Another update is here and this time it’s for the “Smarties” amongst us.  Whilst doing my research for my previous post on cross platform functionality I discovered that Notebook 10.7 had been released.  Usually, I’m pretty on the ball with these kind of things, so apologies if this news is a little late.  In truth, my Notebook told me there was no update… it lied! It happily updated my drivers to 10.7 but left my software on 10.6.  The reason?  Well I think that has something to do with the new functionality in 10.7

You see, 10.7 has been designed with the new 800 series in mind and, here in Australia, we can’t get it yet!  SO, I’m guessing my software decided I didn’t need it either.  Well I do! I’ll tell you why…

With the new version of the software comes a lovely notebook file containing a tutorial.  It reviews the features and functions of the new software and how it works with the new 800 series. If you want to download it, you can here.  You’ll see on page 2 that it kindly chooses to label anything “800 specific” with a little icon.

So what’s new in 10.7?

  • A new shape – Heart in the shape tools
  • Calligraphic Pen – That’s right… A little like handwriting recognition this new tools is designed to tidy up your handwriting for you.  It “Automatically smooths your writing or drawing”.  It can only be used once the board is connected.  Even in Calligraphic mode you can right click and use the handwriting recognition tool
  • The ability to export and open CFF .iwb files

So, is it worth updating if you don’t have the new board? Of course! Especially if you’re having problems with moving from one platform to another or you fancy posh handwriting!  If your software is also not showing that there’s an update available then you can download it from SMART’s site here.

Smart Gestures

Taken from: http://onlinehelp.smarttech.com/en-GB/windows/help/notebook/10_0_0/WhatsNew.htm

For those of you who are curious / lucky enough to have access to the 800 series here are the updates that relate to you:

Hardware related updates (800 Series specific)

  • Of course, we’ve got the nice integrated, intelligent touch features in the 800 series that work out what we’d like to do by how much space we’re touching. So if we use the flat of our hand, we’re erasing, if we use the pen, we’re writing and if we use our finger tips we’re dragging.
  • We now have true mutli user capabilities too! No more having to stick to your side when we want to collaborate
  • Gestures have arrived! You can now use the board capacitively – just like your iphone, Swipe to get to the next page, use two fingers to resize and, my favourite, “flick” which means you can now flick things across the board – play tennis!



For those of us who can’t get hold of an 800 series… Here’s a video so that we can continue to dream:


  1. admin 10 years ago

    It’s here! I’ve just been told my Maria at Electroboard Adelaide that we can now get our hands on the 800! She’s going to let me know as soon as they have one in the office for us to play with! 😉

    In the meantime, if you’re interested in ordering one or two check out her details on the the who sells them page to get more info 🙂


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