I said that I’d try and create one and here it is! A monster! A comparison chart of the basic features provided by Smart Notebook 10.7, Promethean Activ Inspire 1.5 and Easiteach Next Generation 1.2. After the chart fell onto it’s third page I thought I’d better stop but there are a lot more features that I could compare.  Apologies if you feel something important has been missed.  Please feel free to comment at the bottom and I’ll add it.

Please note, this is by no means the best way to decided what to buy.  As I said in my previous posts how the software handles each feature and how easy they are to use should be the key thing you want to find out….. You’ll see there are not so many difference between them when you look at this chart. However, having been a seasoned user of all three I can tell you there are differences between the software that you will only find out about through playing with it!

Enjoy, this easy glance table 😉 and use it as a starting point if you wish!

comparison chart1Comparison Chart Smart promethean easiteach (2)Comparison Chart Smart promethean easiteach (7)

I’ve already had one request via twitter to add the video file format compatibility to this table..  A big thank you to @Grumpydev for his help with the Easiteach list 🙂 and to Maria at Electroboard for adding to the Notebook one! 😉 She also sent me this handy link for “Installing Third-Party Encoders and Importing Video Files into SMART Notebook Software” that I thought I’d share. I’m really happy for all the resellers to check and get involved with the chart as we speak RM are doing the same thing with their information. Hopefully, that should go some way to verifying the information I’ve presented.

  1. Response from: Interactive IT Group, Premium Partner for South Australia


    National ActivInspire License Agreement (ANZ Region):
    1. For every ActivBoard purchased the customer may install ActivInspire onto 5 computers.
    2. Site License for Promethean Customers is available from the Premium Partner and pricing is determined on the number of students on roll.
    3. For users with non-Promethean products customers may purchase a SINGLE ActivInspire license per interactive solution from the Premium Partner. (There are Premium Partners in each State of ANZ Region).


    ActivInspire Version 1.5 of the software is the only interactive product globally that enables the new 500 Pro series ActivBoard to fully embrace Windows 7 (touch, pen, multi- user) capability. The new touch plus pen capability uses the latest in touch technology, replicating the Ipad and Iphone touch experience, on an interactive whiteboard.

    This is not a required function on a Promethean ActivBoard as the dual user functionality of the 300 Series and now the pen + touch of the 500 Series means that any contact with the surface is totally identifiable by the technology anywhere on the surface.

    • admin 10 years ago

      Thanks for that info ITG 🙂 Thanks for the extra info on licensing. I hadn’t put how many licenses you get per purchased hardware onto the chart.Perhaps I ought to! Nor had I placed prices up there for site licenses as, as you point out, this can vary from school to school and, as a figure, is likely to change in accordance with the market. In regards to bullet point 3, Have you changed your position on Interactive Projectors then? Should I change that on the chart? I’ll leave the information up about the The Teacher Consent License ( a license to run the software for the purpose of using a Premium Promethean resource) as that is cited on the planet as being “provided solely for the purpose of operating Resources available from Promethean Planet on non-Promethean hardware”.

      With regards to the split screen function I wasn’t so much referring to the dual / multi user functionality as to the ability to show two pages from a resource at once; in a split screen. This comparison chart is for software only, rather than hardware. Good point to make about running other software on a Promethean Board if it means they lose the capacitive functionality of the 500 pro. I’d like to try it actually and see if the windows drivers make it possible in other software. Could be interesting. Does it, for example, work in Word when you want to enlarge an image? I know that a lot of new laptops now have mice that allow for these features to come into play without something like Inspire installed. Is it the driver for 1.5 or the software that creates this functionality do you know?

      Thanks for the input 🙂 Good to hear from you. Hope you’re all well 🙂

  2. Matthew Pearson 10 years ago

    Thanks for making the table, very useful, but there are some corrections..

    Notebook can definitely save as PDF but you have a red cross in the table above. Also you have a red cross against it for importing notebook files, which seems nonsensical given that it is the native application for notebook files. There is a place for lesson notes if you create a lesson using the templates which are in the lesson activity toolkit. This gives a hyperlinked file structure which has a link to a page where teacher notes can be added.

    • admin 10 years ago

      Thanks Matt. I’ve updated the table. You’re quite right! I think I must have been going tick/ cross blind on a Friday Afternoon 🙂

      I’ll get Smart here in Adelaide to run their eye over it in case I’ve missed anything else 🙂

      You’re also quite correct about the tool kit. It uses flash based buttons which switch between title/ notes. I was referring more to a software feature. In Inspire, this is a specific “notes” section which is not included in the other two. To clarify, Easiteach NG, does not at this point, even have a flash based option (as Smart do).

  3. Maria 10 years ago

    There is place for teacher/lesson notes (pull tabs etc in LAT) which do not rely on hyperlinking and are a software feature.

    Maths Tools – Fraction Generator –standard with LAT, Fraction Maker available with Math Tools licence
    Graph/chart maker available with Math Tools
    Irregular polygon plotter available with Math Tools
    Equation recognition available with Math Tools
    Equation keyboard available with Math Tools
    Interactive ruler, compass, protractor and set square all standard.

    Video file formats supported in Notebook – .asf, .avi, .flv, .mov, .mpeg, .mpg, .wmv

    Other tools: page recording, object animation, pin page, magic pen.

  4. admin 10 years ago

    Updated 🙂 Thanks for all your help 🙂

  5. Hedrick 10 years ago

    Thanks for sharing the comparison table. It’s a helpful resource. I just wanted to update you on a couple things as I’m involved with the development of Easiteach.

    1.Under Importation tools. Easiteach Next Gen can import from “Easiteach legacy”. We have a free download on the “Downloads” tab of the Easiteach product page for Easiteach 3.6. This is basically a patch for older versions of Easiteach which adds the capability to save as CFF. Those files can then be opened in Easiteach Next Generation.

    2. Under Math tools: there is a Set Square widget in Easiteach.

    Also, a couple new features that are coming soon:
    Linux will be available in August.
    Version 1.3 scheduled for October will include importing from PowerPoint


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