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This Post has been superseded  – PLEASE READ this UPDATE.

I’ve just had some information sent over from RM that I thought the Easiteach readers might be interested in.

Firstly, if you were frustrated (as I was) with the fact that you couldn’t open your Easiteach files in the upgraded, Next Generation then you’ll be glad to hear that, here in Australia, RM are now offering a conversion service.  They are also extending this service to the conversion of PowerPoint and SMART Notebook Files to schools, free of charge.

There is one catch (and it’s not that big) the schools who submit resources for conversion needs to be happy for RM to upload the converted content onto Easilearn.  I reckon that’s a small price to pay if you don’t need to spend hours re-making resources! If you’re interested in this service then please email Nicola at the Melbourne office.

It’s worth noting that Next Gen’s software roadmap sees the addition of the ability to convert of Power Point files in to ETNG files in the September update (PC) but it doesn’t appear in the MAC’s roadmap as of yet.  Perhaps then, this service, will be of interest to MAC users in particular? And of course you can use the common file format to move from Smart to ETNG one to another as discussed here. Don’t forget that the results are not always that brilliant when doing so.

If you want to submit resources directly to Easilearn you can now do so the Easilearn website now has the capability for Easiteach users to submit their own resources. This service is now available at the following location.  I would really encourage you to add to the community as much as you can.  You’ll find some of my resources already up there!

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