Firstly, I’ll let Jensen Harris from Microsoft show you around the new system.

Now, what strikes me as interesting is the way this new system is geared towards fingers on screens. Not keyboards and Mice but swipes and gestures and APPs.  Even the traditional Microsoft products like Office are being described here as “Apps” rather than “programs” or “Software Packages”. Apart from the death of words like those, this really could change everything.  I know, I know, that’s Apple’s favourite saying but even their operating system isn’t designed in this way.  Will it be?

Will laptops with Keyboards and Mice become a thing of the past. Will laptop trolleys in the classroom with 1.5 hour battery life be replaced with slates that can manage 10 hours? I know that would help me a lot.  There’s nothing worse than booking those laptops, only to discover someone used them the lesson before and they have no battery power left!  Perhaps things like this product from RM ( The Windows Slate) will actually take some precedent over the iPad 1:1 choices that are being made at the moment.

Will we stop needing massive IT classrooms with dedicated computer desks? We’ve already been able to reclaim space by moving to slimmer machines but what if those machines were in the desk?  I mean, you could couldn’t you?  You could place a slate, with windows 8, into a dip in a desk and (with the help of wi-fi) have an interactive, fully functional device from which to study, research and collaborate.

Do you think this will have an impact? What do you envisage?




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