illuminationsmaths Rather than citing all  their resources separately, I invite you to explore this very rich collection of over 100 maths resources. With interactive activities that range from R -12 this is a really valuable place to stock up your collection.

I really like the Dynamic Paper creator as it helps with the gaps in some IWB software when it comes to creating precise graphing axis, grids etc.  You can create your grid/ axis / shape etc and then save them as a jpg or PDF.  This can then be imported into Activ Inspire, Notebook, Easiteach or any other IWB software and used effectively.

Other Fabulous resources include:

  • Coin Box,
  • Data Grapher,
  • Equivalent Fractions,
  • Pan Balance
  • and the Tessellation Creator

plus so many more!

icon-desktop Click here 

icon-tablet Also Available for iPad



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