A new role for me.

Firstly, this post is an apology that the blog has been a little quiet over the last couple of weeks.  In truth, I’ve had lots of ideas about what to share with you but I have had little time to get them down here! I’ve been busy adding to the content of the new Computers in Education Group of South Australia (CEGSA) website; I think I wrote 3 posts there last week!  I’ve also been busy getting settled into my job at Flinders University.  I am now employed to work as an ICTPO – an ICT Pedagogical Officer (rathe than the telebtubby name it sounds like).  What a fantastic role it is too!

As part of the Teaching Teachers for the Future project I’m working with certain staff to examine the experience Pre-service teachers (PSTs – yes it sounds like you’re trying to get someone’s attention at a whisper 😉 have in relation to ICTE (ICT in Education) the ACARA (The Aussie Curriculum) and the National Standards for graduate teachers.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the TTF project and what this might mean for you then you might like to read the post I put up on the CEGSA site.

As for this site?  I think it might start to evolve even more.  I’m going to be exposed to the ACARA a lot and so I can start sharing news on how ICTE fits into that as well as continuing my research into new and innovative ICTs.  Like Google+  Have you managed to get an invite yet?  I know I have and it’s very cool!  Feel free to comment if you want an invite 🙂

Needless to say, I can promise that I will still be blogging, adding resources for you to use for free and sharing what ever knowledge I can share, i will share with you.  Come and share the journey! 🙂


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