Augmented reality is something that I’ve been very interested in for a long time.  I’ve written a couple of posts on here outlining what it is and why it’s useful to the everyday classroom.  Today I am running the first in a series of Edtech Showcases for CEGSA at the Flinders University, the topic is Augmented Reality.  In it i’m going to go through a range of educational Augmented Reality applications that are easy to use and perfect for use in any classroom  with a projector and a webcam.

It’s interesting how many of the resources I showed in my first post on Augmented Reality (over 12 months ago) have now moved on. You may find that some of the links are broken.  If so, have a look at the list at the end of this post for more up to date links to Augmented Reality resources for science, english, history and many more.

For those of you who attend, thanks for coming along!   I hope that you found the session useful and took away some valuable ideas for your classroom.   AR really is amazing and over the last 18 months more and more wonderful AR Tools are appearing to support teaching and learning. Below are the links to some of the resources that I showed you in the showcase.

Please comment below if you use these and let us know how it went! This page will remain password protected until further notice so it’s a safe place to share your ideas and experiences! 🙂

If you find/use any other examples of AR then please add those to the comments too so that we can share in your experiences.

Augmented Reality Examples:

Websites (no download required):

Stop Smoking – An Augmented Reality pair of lungs that allows students to see the damage that they are doing: (marker =

Internal Organs on the Outside: Have your students’ organs displayed, with labels, on the outside of their bodies! :

Hold the story Book in your

Download and Install:

Hold monuments and land marks in your hand:  Use AR sights and Google Earth to locate key landmarks and explore them in the palm of your hand.

Augmented Pianos, maths etc(WIN ONLY). Here’s a link to Dr Masciopinto’s  (NO Marker Required!)

The Future is Wild (WIN ONLY): These guys are trying to answer what the world mightlook like in 5 million years time.  Here are a range of  animals that might evolve! Some interact with each other when held together in front of the cam together:








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