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You may remember that a while back I wrote a post exploring how cross-platform integration was getting closer between IWB brands.  This post was prompted by SMART’s decision to incorporate the “*.iwb” format into its export and import options.  At that time Promethean was the only brand that hadn’t incorporated this new feature.  Even when they first upgraded 1.6 there seemed to be no way to export or save to the Common File Format.  Having upgraded my Activ Inspire, with the patch (1.6.4…) I have spotted that this functionality has arrived!

I’m just really sorry that I hadn’t spotted it earlier!

Common File Format PrometheanTo export your Promethean Flipcharts to the Common File Format head to the File menu and then Export.   You will see the option appear to export to what they’re calling the “BECTA” format of *.iwb

This file can then be opened in Notebook, Easiteach, and Starboard’s software! So, If you know a change is a foot, export all your resources before you lose your Promethean license!

Of course, if you’re moving in the other direction you can already save your *.Notebook, *.yar and *.easibooks as *.iwbs.  You can now “Import” these files into Activ Inspire too 🙂

Brilliant! Thanks for getting on board Promethean!

  1. SigoGatt 5 years ago

    Can you really import *.yar files in Promethean ActivInspire?

  2. SigoGatt 5 years ago

    I can see that it’s ok to import *.Notebook files in Promethean ActivInspire but not *yar 🙁

    • Author
      Selena 5 years ago

      do it as a *.iwb file and it will open in any IWB software 🙂

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