Tee heee….. I love that. Just had to share it 😉

Whilst you’re sipping your beers and eating the fair from the BBQ I thought I’d gather some Aussie resources together to lighten the burden of next week’s lesson planning activities!

Let’s start with

IWB resources:

Promethean’s Activ Inspire users:

These are stored on Promethean Planet so when you get there you’ll need to sign in to download them 🙂

For your resource library: Australia Day Wallpaper and Aussie Flags

and here’s a nice little lesson: Australia Day

SMART Notebook Users:

These come from See, Share, Shape:

Australia Day – A Historical perspective

Australia You’re Standing In it

and Jo Villis’ also written some resources and shared them on her blog here

Hitachi Starboard:

From hitachistarboard.com.au

Everything Australian

Unfortunately, there’s currently nothing on the Easiteach website (Easilearn) to help us with Australia Day 🙁


From around the web:

These games are suitable in a range of settings and are good fun too!  The first is probably best placed in middle/senior years, the second primary and the third early years but I have to be honest…. I reckon Lenny Loose Jocks would make an appearance in my Year 10 class if I could find a way 😉

The SMH Australia Day Quiz – would look great on the IWB 🙂  I’d probably start a library/research lesson using the quiz.  The questions here are quite hard for little ones and are firmly grounded in history.  You might want to use it with Middle years and above.

Ask the students to answer the questions and record their scores (if you’re lucky enough to be in a 1:1 school then they can all do it! Although.. this is flash so watch out iPad users!) Then they can be given a specific time limit (Time them using your IWB software’s timer or this online one) to go and see how many answers they can find.  Get them to do the quiz again to see how much they’ve learnt.  The objectives might be based on skimming and scanning information, locating and evaluating information or just being a good citizen! 🙂

About Australia Cross-Offs This one’s from citizenship.gov.au and has a giraffe, bouncing a basket ball (that gets it extra marks in my book..;) ) This quiz would also work beautifully on an IWB or in small groups on laptops or Andriod tablets – It’s Flash so iPads you’ll have to get an app to make it work 🙂  This time students are asked to “cross-off” the answers to questions which appear at the bottom of the page.

The questions are much easier in this quiz so you’d be fine to use this in a primary setting.  The fact that all the answers are displayed, helps a bit – students can make a guess. Wrong answers, will of course lead to a learning conversation.  Nothing happens to the table if they chose the wrong thing so maybe others can explain why that’s the wrong answer and give clues?  At the same time, be careful using this in a 1:1 setting as some kids might take advantage of that instant feedback and just press everything until something crosses out…  it’s one way to learn I guess 😉

Lenny Loose Jocks - Australia Day Blast!Lenny Loose Jocks Australia Day Blast:  There’s no Australia trivia to learn here but this would be wonderful in Early Years for developing hand-eye coordination. Or a great game used as a reward for being fabulous during your lesson.

All that happens here is that Lenny Loose Jocks (lol) flies past on a coloured rocket. When he gets to the center of the screen students (or you avoiding lesson planning 😉  have to hit the bomb plunger that has the same colour as his rocket.  the rocket explodes and Lenny flies into space – unharmed (phew).  you get given a score so, careful, a competition could ensue!



Have you found some other nuggets of Green and Gold?  Please feel free to share links to your resource below 🙂


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