Nothing has contributed more to the growth of my teaching career than my personal learning network.

I’m always searching for new websites, tools, innovations, resources, ideas, view points… anything to make my teaching more creative. Several of the posts I’ve shared here (and in guest posts elsewhere) have come from connections I’ve made through my PLN (Personal Learning Network).  Most of you know by now that you can find me on Facebook and Twitter, many of you follow me  (thanks for that!)  and that I do my best to send quick short links to new websites, tools, innovations, resources, ideas, view points… anything to help you to make your teaching more creative.

What if you’re new to all of that stuff though? What if you don’t have a PLN, you’re not even sure what one is? Well, tomorrow I’m running a workshop for CEGSA at the School of Education (Flinders Uni – Nr. Car Park 2) on the subject of one of those vital tools – Twitter.

This post will contain the resources (my prezi and some links I’d like to share) that I’ll be using during that presentation. As usual, they’re all Creative Commons so PLEASE feel free to share and spread the word 😉 and to follow / like my networks and join in!

If you’re coming along it will help if you’re already signed up to Twitter before we get started. If that seems a little daunting then check out this Good Will Community Foundation online tutorial in how to get started .  It’s a brilliant, free resource that covers the basics of getting signed up (plus a little extra if you’ve got the time).

In the workshop it’s self we’re going to cover two very important questions


Why would you bother with something that you can only share 140 characters on ?


How on earth does it all work? How can I make sure it works safely and who can I connect with to get started?

As usual, this speedy showcase lasts for one hour and our main aim is to start growing your PLN from scratch (or to start adding to it!)

Let’s get networking!

The Prezi from the showcase:

It will display once the workshop starts 🙂

Some links to explore:

TeachMeets come to CEGSA and South Australia(



Social Networking in Education: Beyond the Big 3




Twitter etiquette: the rules





PLN Challenge #3: Using Twitter to Build Your PLN



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