I’m presenting twice at this Conference and I can’t wait!  This year’s state conference (coordinated by none other than Mrs tina_P) has a fantastic line up.  The fact that CEGSA are prepared to pay for George Couros to come and work with us, in person, in Adelaide both at a pre-conference workshop and during the conference is amazing.  Add to that the opportunity to hear from Prof. Glenn Finger (Griffith University NSW), Tony Bryant (Silverton Primary VIC) and Margot Foster (DECD SA) and the ticket price is paying for itself… even before you start to look at the local teachers who are all rocking up to share their experience, expertise and knowledge.

George Couros Comes to Adelaide July 2012

George Couros Comes to Adelaide July 2012

If you’re worried that you have to be a bit of a nerd (or know lots of stuff about computers) to go along then don’t be! The thing I love most about  going to this conference is the opportunity to network, to hear what others are doing, to steal ideas that you can use in your classroom, to be inspired!  Of course, there are workshops that will teach you technical bits and bobs if that’s what you’re into but the theme and focus for this year is the partnership between Pedagogy and ICT.  So, there are workshops which give you resources you can take away and use tomorrow, workshops which focus on ICT as a general capability in Curriculum areas like History, Maths, and Science, workshops on where to find useful resources and workshop for leaders on how to pull it all together.  In short, there’s something for everyone whether you’re still feeling apprehensive about tech or you can’t live with out it, this conference is a really important one.

It’s made even more important by the changes to the statutory requirements of the way our profession works.  When we begin to be measured against the National Professional Standards for Teachers (and that’s VERY soon) there are 3 specific standards in which you have demonstrate that you can use ICT when you teach.  Not just for show, but to improve learning and teaching.  On top of that we have the ICT General Capability which gives us all the responsibility for ensuring that we use and teach our students how to use ICT for range of tasks.   Do you know enough about Cyber Saftey, Digital Identity and Ethical use of the internet to teach that to your students? Well you need to… Who better to learn from than people like George Courous and local teachers from your own state?

I’m presenting twice during this conference. In both I’m focusing on the TPACK framework as a tool for enabling teachers to use ICT to enhance learning and teaching. ( I know, no IWB specific session from me this year.  ) The TPACK framework is a really powerful tool. I’ve been travelling around the state as much as I can teaching teachers about it and how to use it.  It’s going down really well.

At the conference I’ll be talking about:

ICT in the new look Aussie Classroom – How it’s looking now

Wednesday 2.35pm to 3.20pm – Presentation 45 minutes

In this session we will explore how the development of the Australian Curriculum and the National Professional Standards is raising the importance of the use if ICT in the classroom.  By the end participants will be able to:  Describe the ICT requirements expected of teachers in relation to the National Professional Standards for – – Teachers (NPSft) and the Australian Curriculum     – Explain what TPACK is and why, as teachers, it is important to be the Total PACKage   – Begin to examine how we might use this framework in our own teaching and planning so that we can improve learning and teaching in our classrooms.

Suitable for:
Leaders – Principals, Heads of Curriculum, Coordinators
Preschool, early years, primary years, middle years, senior years, tertiary

Session Description:
The Big Picture: leadership perspectives

and will be following that up with a sister workshop:


Putting TPACK into practice

Thursday 2.35pm to 4.05pm – Workshop 90 minutes


In this 90 minute session we will explore: – How to plan a lesson that uses TPACK – How to explore technologies, pedagogically within your Content Area – Swap ideas and take practical examples away – Understand how these TPACK style activities help to fulfil the NPSfT and help your students cover the orangising elements of the ICT General Capability.

Suitable for:
Leaders – Principals, Heads of Curriculum, Coordinators
Preschool, early years, primary years, middle years, senior years, tertiary

Session Description:
Put it into practice on Monday

To sessions late in the day!  Bring it on! 😉 I’ll get you all engaged and enthusiastic! These are both topics I am extremly passionate about and I’m looking forward to passing that on, if I can.

Can I Come Along?

Of course you can!  As far as I know registration is still open.  As is the process for registering to have a workshop with Canadian Networked Educator Guru George Couros. If you’re a CEGSA member you get your usual discount. If you’re not then you get your new 12 month membership to CEGSA thrown in at a bargain price 😉 !

Here’s the table of fees – copied from the registration page

CEGSA 2012 Conference Registration Fees

Current CEGSA Member*


General Public

Includes CEGSA membership




CEGSA Student Member


Student Non CEGSA MemberIncludes CEGSA student membership


Retired Educator




*Your membership must be valid through July 12, 2012, to qualify for the CEGSA member rate.

What about Twitter?

The conference Hashtag is #CEGSA2012.  You can read more about it here

I hope to see you there! 🙂


  1. George Couros 9 years ago

    See you soon 🙂

  2. George Couros 9 years ago

    See you soon 🙂

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