I’m presenting at the CEGSA conference on both days.  Today (at 2:35pm) I’ll be exploring the recent developments in the Australian Curriculum and the National Professional Standards.  By the end of the presentation I hope that you will be well versed in the statutory requirements for teachers in Australia – when it comes to the use of ICT in your classrooms.

This post is designed to serve as a place to stop, find the resources I used, ask questions and share your opinions about what you heard.  Below you’ll find an embed of the Prezi presentation I shared with you.  Of course, it’s published under creative commons and so you are free to share anything you find within it with others.  It’s also a handy way of getting to the link that I shared with you.  All you need to do is scroll to the part of the presentation where I mention the link and you’ll be able to click straight to it.

For quick reference, I’ve also made a list of those links in an ordered list.  I’d love to hear from you so please feel free to comment below.  I’m happy to answer any questions, hear your thoughts on the presentation itself and continue this vital professional dialogue with you.

The Presentation:

Quick Reference to Links:

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The Teaching Teachers for the Future Website: Lots of video examples of teaching with TPACK.  Designed to allow you to critique what’s being taught and the effectiveness of the framework.

The National Professional Standards for Teachers website: You can view all of the standards at all four levels here.  There are also links to take you to illustrations of practice which are fantastic for developing an understanding of what that skills looks like in your classroom.

The Australian Curriculum online.  Head to the General Capabilities and explore that ICT Gen Cap in detail.  Get to know all of the organising elements – you’re required to make sure your students are aware of them and can deliver the goods.

Get your International Computer Driving License.  Need to brush up your skills?  This online course is a great way to add ICT to your CV so that you can start using effectively in your classroom.

Get free video tutorials on a vast range of tools from GCF Learnfree. Covers things like:

  • Internet Basics
  • Internet Safety (Great for standard 4.5)
  • Computer Basics
  • Word, Excel, Power Point, Access
  • Social Media, Twitter, Facebook
  • iPad Basics, Mac Basics

and more

The Generation Mix – Steve Coleman.  The complete article from which I took my Generational snap shots. An interesting read!

The Official TPACK blog

You Don’t Have to Like it – Chris Betcher’s Blog



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