“George is back.. back again”

George Couros will be speaking at Flinders University 29/10/2012

George Couros will be speaking at Flinders University 29/10/2012

Sing to the tune of “The Real Slim Shady” by Eminem

I am very excited about George Couros‘ return to Adelaide in late October, Early November. I’m excited that there will be so many opportunities for us to connect and learn from him again.  After his run away success at the CEGSA conference this year you all wanted more and, thanks to the organising capabilities of the fabulous Tina Photakis, George has been persuaded to come and hang out with us all again  – just for a few weeks 🙂

I know that he’s running workshop all over the state for various organisations but I wanted to let you know that he’s also going to be spending the day at the School of Education at Flinders Uni.  In fact, the first day of work he does for us here in Adelaide will be on campus with me at the School of Education.

What will George be Talking about?

Keynote:  Creating Learning Opportunities through connected, transparent school environments.

9am -10am (North 5)

 “I believe that through creating an open, transparent, and connected environment in our schools, we are creating learning opportunities for our students that will help them be leaders not only in their future, but also in their world today.”

(G.Couros,  2012 http://georgecouros.ca/blog/presentations)

In his keynote address, George will be talking about the power of connections. He will help us all; at whatever career stage we are at, to understand what it means to be a “Learning Leader”. He will share his perspective and experiences outlining why it is so important to use technology to improve learning and relationships with our students, staff and parents.

George will not focus on the ‘how-to’ of technology.  Instead, by addressing some of the “myths” or pushback that many organizations go through in moving technology forward in their organizations, he will explore the conversations that will help educators move forward in a way that they will be excited whilst feeling supported in their journey.

I’ve deliberately chosen a lecture theatre from which we can stream his keynote live. That means, that wherever you are in the world (including your classroom in some NIT time, or your living room in America) you can still attend.  You can register and then you will be sent a URL to attend.  We use Adobe Connect at Flinders 🙂Audience: All who are involved in the education process including: Practicing Teachers, Pre-service Teachers, Teacher Educators, Education Leaders,

NPSfT that are addressed in this speech include: 3.7, 4.5, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 7.3, 7.4

Attendance via pre-booked seat/online access request

There will then be a half hour break so you can go and grab a cappuccino and a cake from the coffee Kart (I’ve warned Wanda the barista to expect you all and to put in more cookies and pies;)  before a fantastic workshop for anyone who wants to know more about getting their digital footprint underway!


Workshop 1:  Becoming a Learning Leader (in any role) 10:30am – 1:30pm  

In this three-hour workshop George will explore ‘how’ to begin creating your on-line presence as a “Learning Leader”.  He will ask you to consider how important student and parent voice is to your school.  He will help you to question whether you’re operating in the right spaces to participate in that discussion.  Together, we will explore the role of Social Media sites such as Twitter and Facebook in creating a digital identity for both yourself and your educational institution and open up a world of amazing opportunities.

“…Social media gives us the opportunity to connect, openly learn, and humanize our organization.  When we learn together first, only then can we effectively lead our schools to continuous improvement. “ (G. Couros, 2012 http://georgecouros.ca/blog/presentations)

NPSfT that are addressed in this session include: 3.7, 4.5, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 7.3, 7.4

Attendance via pre-booked seat



Then we’re going to let you go home.  However, there IS more.  We realised that some people might not be able to get the day off work so, we’re giving George a little rest between 1 and 4 and he’s going to start again later!  He’ll be delivering an after school workshop for those of you who couldn’t get away. Starting at 4:15 – to give you plenty of time to get to us – you have the option of coming along to his second, shorter workshop:


After School Workshop: Blogs as an e-Portfolio – 4:15pm – 6:45pm

This ‘after school’ session is open to all educators seeking to develop an understanding of how a blog can be used as an e-portfolio.  In this one and half hour workshop George will lead educators through a process which will enable you to create and maintain an e-portfolio of evidence. Useful for both your students as they chart their learning progress and for yourself as you begin to evidence your work against the National Professional Standards for Teachers.

NPSfT that are addressed in this session include: 6.1, 7.1,7.2


Booking Yourself a Place

Now, when you head to Flinders’ iPay system to book you’ll see that there are several payment options for the day.  This includes an option to attend every single workshop and lecture at a discounted rate.  It does mean that you’ll probably want to have a break between 1:30 and 4:15 when the next workshop starts.  You are welcome, of course, to wander the beautiful campus and take tea in the library or you can head around the corner and get some shopping done at the Marion! Either way, you’ll get a nice break before heading back for the after school workshop.


There should be ample parking at the School of Education as a Monday is a quiet day for us. Just Head to Car Park 2 or 3. However, parking is limited and charged (at around £4.20 approx. a day). You might like to have a look at some carpooling or public transport options if you’re worried.

I really hope to see as many of you as possible there!  We have no idea when we might be able to persuade him to fly back over again. Take this opportunity whilst you can!


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