First of all, thank you to all of you who popped in over the course of last Thursday and Friday.  The students learnt so much from having an authentic audience to answer their questions and support them as they started on their journey towards being a connected educator.  I am so grateful to my ever growing PLN (Professional + Personal Learning Network) and for your openness to helping me to support the pre-service teachers as they begin working in their new profession.

For those of you who weren’t able to get to us last week, I am still sure that you will find these wonderful new ‘tweachers’ and connect with them.  Some of them may already be following you!

I decided to take a new approach to my blog style today and use a newly discovered tool – Storfiy (thanks @gcouros) Here’s how their learning unfolded before my eyes 🙂 Enjoy! If you were apart of this story then thank you 🙂 Please feel free to connect with the people who appear below.  They’re very excited to share, learn and explore with you 🙂 Feel free to comment if you have something you’d like to add about the experience 🙂

Becoming a Tweacher #educ3625

Thursday 25th and 26th October, Flinders Uni, Pre-service teachers getting connected.. A story!

Storified by Selena Woodward · Tue, Oct 30 2012 18:13:06

Our objectives for the day were to explore how we can use Social Media to both expand and engage in Professional Learning Networks and to begin our exemplary Digital Footprint. We recognise the importance of being able to operate socially and ethically online (4.5) so that we can teach our students how to do the same (ICT Gen Capability) and we decided Twitter was a good tool to start with. When we ‘Google’ ourselves we want something positive about us as teachers to appear.
#educ3625 Woodward
We connected to what we had already learnt about 4.5 and The ICT Gen capability so that, at the end of the workshop, we could reflect on the amount we had managed to learn.
#educ3625 Woodward
#educ3625 Woodward
Just posted a photo Woodward
RT @TeacherTechnol: #educ3625 Photakis
Then I shared my story with them
#educ3625now we’re reflect g on the POWER of twitter 😉 Woodward
and I took them through a bit of a ‘Twitteracy’ lesson. I took @gcouros’ idea of looking at the anatomy of a tweet and made it an interactive activity – accelerating learning between us as we made mistakes and learnt from one another.
RT @TeacherTechnol: #educ3625
Learning all about twitter, its like christmas #educ3625Tamara Tane
#educ3625 @tina_p you’re in this one 🙂 Woodward
RT @TeacherTechnol: #educ3625 how’s your twitter anatomy? @gcouros i used yours 😉 Photakis
Then it was time to set up profiles (no Eggs if we can help it!) and getting tweeting!
#educ3625HelloLen Spence
#educ3625 HeyLori Pope
#educ3625, hi everyone!Cassandra Anderson
#educ3625 helloKelsey Conlin
#educ3625 hi!Kirsty Ryles
#educ3625 Hi. Lunch break soon? :DMatthew Burness
Hello #educ3625Jessica Ottewell
#educ3625 Hello Twitter world!Melissa Koenig
Hello @TeacherTechnol i now have a new account.Thank you for ur help with connecting Uni students with educators around the world #educ3625Joseph Cusano
A heap of wonderful members of my own PLN volunteered to be on-line during the workshop to connect so I set about making sure that the students found some local and international people to connect with. These includes primary and Secondary teachers, schools and school leaders and members of the AITSL team. They were all really happy to help, to answer questions and to support them on their journey. In Friday’s session, even the students from the day before joined in to support their colleagues 🙂
If this is a twitter course for teachers this is awesome PD. There is a whole community of learners waiting to learn with you. #educ3625Tim Slack
Enjoy the class and get out there and find colleagues and resources! It is limitless. #educ3625Tim Slack
So glad I stepped in but I’m headed to bed. It’s late in Canada! #educ3625Tim Slack
If you get a chance check out #ntchat #educ3625Tim Slack
“@Smithy927: RT @MyLearningTweet: List of Australian educators on Twitter compiled by @suewaters” #educ3625Selena Woodward
so many new connections to be made thanks to @TeacherTechnol and @pilly66 #pegeeks #pechat #educ3625Tamara Tane
@tina_p love twitter, so many links and great ideas! #educ3625Jessica Ottewell
@rachbath I love it, so many great ideas and resources! #educ3625Jessica Ottewell
@rachbath @tina_p already addicted!! and @TeacherTechnol has just explained what tweet deck is 🙂 how exciting #educ3625Jessica Ottewell
My twitter feed is going crazy. Hope peers in todays #educ3625 are having a great time, as we did yesterday! Welcome #tweachers!Lorelle
@popsie_pope hi Lori! Welcome to Twitter! #educ3625Tina Photakis
@rgesthuizen Hi Roland. Chatting with pre-service teachers now about digital presence. Want to mention what u said earlier. #educ3625Jacqui Knipe
All the best with your workshop #educ3625 We made great connections yesterday to share learning/questions/recourses.Cailin Wigg
#educ3625 thank you everyone! I am so glad that we have all connected thanks to @TeacherTechnol Keep in touch :)Tina Photakis
#educ3625 Welcome to Twitter! It’s brought me so many ideas and is challenging & changing my teaching and thinking!Kirsty Rosenzweig
RT@jaknipe @rachbath @tina_p great for improving your ability to multi-task. Following multiple columns is a great skill to master #educ3625Canning College
#educ3625 Steve Nicholls, IT coordinator, Hallett Cove School. In a PD with principals. Conference twitter feed a valuable archive of confSteve Nicholls
@Dylanellisteach it just takes practice and perseverance – little steps in the right direction #educ3625Jacqui Knipe
@DrShaileighPage thanks for your tweet looking forward to connecting with you : ) just learning about the anatomy of a tweet #educ3625Belinda Yardley
#educ3625 Thanks to everyone for the follows and I look forward to your insights and connections. Keep in touch. :-)Rachael Bath
@TeacherTechnol Hi. 🙂 #educ3625Gavin Pinnington
@EmmmKat @wrightlanguages @connectedtchr Some great sources thanx 4 helping a learning tchr out! Will keep an eye on iPads in 2013 #educ3625Jessica Sammells
@TeacherTechnol we are ready -Macey #educ3625Mr Huebl’s classroom
@JanetMaloney4 you could use ict to design and test circuits before building them -Charlie #educ3625Mr Huebl’s classroom
@gcouros are you THE George Courous?! Learning heaps about you haha #educ3625Ashleigh Denton
right we’re tweeting! Let’s go! Thanks for your patience! 😉 #educ3625Selena Woodward
Learning all about the twitter-sphere with the help of teachers and students everywhere! Hi all 🙂 *waves #educ3625Jessica Sammells
I think its amazing that pre-service, lecturers, students and teachers can all talk together so easily! #educ3625Paul Huebl
Hello @MrLamshedsClass Great to see a class account on twitter! #educ3625Cailin Wigg
Then I set them a task.  Can you use your PLN to find some resources? Some help or guidance?  Let’s make this connection work for you! 🙂 
Would love to hear if anyone has suggestions on how to include technologies to enhance 2nd language learning in classrooms #edtech #educ3625Jessica Sammells
@tsweeney8 @mrhuclass Hi class, how are you enjoying using twitter In class? Is it useful. #educ3625Rebecca O’Brien
@TeacherTechnol Questions are fun #educ3625 and they make us consider our own practice.David
Does anyone have any useful information on the 4-part lesson plan? #educ3625Courtney Mesecke
Does anyone have any good resources that connect the numeracy general capabilities with the science curriculum?? #educ3625 @TeacherTechnolBelinda Yardley
#educ3625 hi Paul thanks for your support, I’m looking for advice on using ict/tec in the primary science class.Janet Maloney
and they started to get their answers

@JanetMaloney4 you can then graph results, blog, share blog with other school students. Contact water experts and skype them perhapsDavid
@teachertechnol @jsammells might like this video – Japanese teacher using ICT to individualise learning! #educ3625Emma Kate Scott
@JanetMaloney4 you could use ict to design and test circuits before building them -Charlie #educ3625Mr Huebl’s classroom
@tsweeney8 #educ3625 should check out for some good education hashtagsDavid
We would like to make connections with other classrooms around the world and our teacher says twitter is a good way of doing this #educ3625Mr Huebl’s classroom
@mrhuclass fantastic! is there any other online tools you have used in class to help your learning process? #educ3625
@misslabarton @edmodo RM platform, @edublogs @ClassDojo -Dimitri, Luca, Macey & Issy #educ3625Mr Huebl’s classroom
@cailinwigg @mrhuclass I know that @MrLamshedsClass is on twitter #educ3625David
@connectedtchr thanks so much for your time and answers. Have a good lesson. #educ3625
Thanks to the power of the PLN here’s some of what my students came away with 🙂
Time to consolidate our learning! @TeacherTechnol is making us all log off. Thanks so much for talking with us. Great chats. #educ3625Cailin Wigg
#educ3625 Woodward
#educ3625 #reflection Woodward
“@TeacherTechnol: @tina_p #educ3625” excellent!Tina Photakis
#educ3625 #reflection Woodward
#educ3625 Woodward
#educ3625 Woodward
#educ3625 #reflection Woodward
#educ3625 #reflection Woodward
#educ3625 #reflection Woodward
AND.. perhaps even more importantly… HOW did they learn this?
#educ3625Selena Woodward
#educ3625Selena Woodward
#educ3625 Woodward
If you’re reluctant.. perhaps you should take a page out of the book of #educ3625 and give it a go ? They were surprised at how much they got out of this.  What are you waiting for?
Girls first Ski Jumpuk2nz2nc2ut

  1. Author
    Selena Woodward 8 years ago

    There’s now a video of this very workshop available to view: Enjoy! 🙂

  2. Author
    Selena Woodward 8 years ago

    There’s now a video of this very workshop available to view: Enjoy! 🙂

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