It’s about time I wrote another -not so technical but very English teacher- post ūüôā I did promise.

In this post, I thought I’d share some of the games that I’ve picked up over the years that are great for teaching (or reinforcing) linguistic devices.

Bowling pins by shokunin CCSkittles:

Ask all of the students to stand up. ¬†They are now metaphorical skittles. ¬†They are asked to think of a literary device and hold it in their mind. ¬†Explain that you’re going to ‘bowl’ a device and if they’re thinking of the same one as you… well they have to sit down. ¬†That usually means that they might want to go for something a little different. ¬† All you do is start shouting out devices… “sit down if you’re thinking…” and watch the skittles fall.

As an extension you can ask students for an example of the device they’re trying to remember. ¬†That way you can make sure they actually know what the device is!!

Tennis by gnokii CCTennis:

Now, you can involve balls, beanbags.. something to throw but… to be honest I haven’t bothered with that little ascetic for a while! Those of you who know me, know that tennis in the real world is definitely NOT my strong point but English Tennis? I’m great at that!

How does it work?

Well… you need to split the class in half. ¬†Hopefully you’ll have even numbers. If not, then there’s a person who is ready to keep score for you ūüėČ (excellent!) Each half of the class represents a team (blue and read for example). ¬†Toss a coin to see who serves.

A serve involves a student stating a linguistic device. They might say “onomatopoeia”. The opposite team then ‘volleys’ by giving an example… “crash”. The orginal team has to reply again with another “pop”. ¬†This continues around the room until they can’t find an example. ¬†Students take turns in their team to answer. At some point someone will miss¬†(by not replying). They will lose and the other team gets a point. Like this:

Team A (TO SERVE): “Assonance”

Team B (VOLLEY): “silent¬†night”

Team A: (RETURN VOLLEY)¬†“I must confess that in my quest I felt depressed”

Team B:(RETURN VOLLEY)¬†“she sells sea shells…”

Team A:¬†“ahhhh I don’t know!” –¬†POINT TEAM B

So, as you can see, even though Team A thought they were being clever by picking something tricky… they lost the point because they could only think of one example!

Team B = 1 point Team A= 0

The winning team serves and it starts again.

Now, this game can be used for any number of things (not just in English). Try getting students to name a theme and then locate quotations (or words) as evidence. It’s a great way of getting them to source evidence for assignments before they start.

Literary Devices – Show and Hide – IWB:

This is something I open over and over again! It’s so worth taking the time to create resources like these! ¬†Below are links for a show and hide – matching game of literary devices. ¬†I’ve tried to include one for the major brands.

Acitv Inspire   |     Easiteach Next Gen    |     Notebook

If you’d like to know how to make you’re own one of these in Inspire then why not check out Page 20 ūüôā

What games can you share?


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