I’ve had Vine on my iPad for a little while but hadn’t really bothered to play with it.  I started messing around with it at the start of the week and now I’m hooked!  Then, this morning, I run my phone to discover that Instagram have gone the same way.  You can now create vine style videos right within the Instagram app.  Well that didn’t take them very long did it!

Truth be told, it’s better than Vine. Why? Because Vine’s security is a little.. lapse to say the least.  Instagram is an established service which as good moderating policies and procedures and it isn’t full of all the same nasty things that Vine is.  The fact that I can now ‘vine’ in Instagram is very appealing!

How does it work?

On Vine you get 7 seconds, on Instagram 15.  You hold down the record button and snap what ever you see. When you let go of the button you, temporarily, stop recording.  Press and hold the button and you start again.  It’s a fantastic way of creating some amazing stop-animation effects as well as recording short snap shots.  Both Vine and Instagram are using the very same method of recording. Keeping it nice and simple. Yes, it is available on Android as well as iOs 🙂 Keep in mind that Vine is owned (and linked to Twitter) so, if you have a class twitter account integrating with Vine is very simple.  Instagram, of course, is owned by Facebook.

Introducing Video on Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo.

What Kinds of Things Can you produce in such a short time?

7 seconds?  Not worth it….  I remember saying that about 140 characters… so… lets stop being technocentric and be creative instead 🙂

Of course, there are the simple, how-to style videos like this one:

Or there are the creative, multi-modal, stop animations of fabulous ‘viners’ like Khoa

Of course you can use it to record short moments.  WHy not have a look at what people are posting from around the globe?  Vine, like twitter, uses hashtags.  What about Adelaide or my home town of Birmingham?  Seenive lets you search those tags via a website.

Instagram will have as many videos, i am sure, but it’s only had the service for less than 24 hours 🙂

When you have a look at what’s happening on Vine, it helps you realise how creative a platform it is.  How you can use it to record just a snapshot of an event, a short message, or to create a small, short piece of artwork.  All very exciting and all in 7 seconds (or a generous 15 with instagram.) It so much faster than having your students get out video cameras (or even the camera on their ipad) and then use a video editor to make it look good.  Instagram’s version is far better when it comes to editing.  It has built-in filters to add effects and lets you step back to the previous frame if you’ve made a mistake – that’s something that Vine doesn’t do and it can be frustrating to have to start again if you make a mistake!

How could this work for me in the classroom?

My head is spinning with ideas!  There are really far too many possibilities! Here are 10 to get you started 🙂

  1. Ask your students to record something that they have learnt and upload it to your class Vine/twitter account. Share it with the community.
  2. Have your student record keywords, learning ideas or other important information that they’d like to review.  Get them to spend 10 mins planning how to do this in 7/15 seconds in a creative way – show them Khoa’s animation 😉 It would be a great way to appeal to kinesthetic learners and help them remember large volumes of information.
  3. Send messages in another language to an international community and watch the responses gather in the comments box below (go with Instagram for this approach I were you!)
  4. Have a student stop-motion their work.  Take a shot at the start and at regular intervals. Then they can watch their progress at the end and see what’s new.  This would be great for the plenary phase of your lesson.  Your students could then do idea 1 to record what they’re going to do next time they come across this task.
  5. Music students can create short, music videos of their songs- Check out Vinetune 
  6. English and Media studies – why not create 7 /15 second ad campaigns!
  7. Write to explain… using Vine as a multi-modal text creation tool!
  8. Give students a video and then ask them to create the ending (That’s what Weetbix did! ) You could use it to scaffold their response – to differentiate assessment.
  9. Have you students create videos to show you what they see on excursions.
  10. Use Vine to record comments and add them to the blog posts of your students’ work

Instagram Versus Vine for Education

Vine is new, so new that you can’t unfollow, block or report dodgy comments.  Sadly, there is a lot of inappropriate content on its server and it might be a bit of a nightmare to navigate that in a classroom with younger students. Instragram is well established and has most of the above covered already.   It can still share it’s content to twitter too, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to use your class twitter account to share.

Instagram’s version has also got the added bonus (as mentioned earlier) to add filters and to go back a step if you make a mistake.  It also gives you 15 seconds rather than 7.  However, I have to say that I’ve got so used to Vine’s 7 seconds I rarely use up all 15 😉 At the moment, although it’s only been out a day… i’d be more inclined to use Instragram than Vine.  Which is sad.. because it’s not their idea… Hopefully Vine will respond by improving their service and we can trot back to them 🙂

Sadly, I haven’t yet found a way to embed my Instagram videos into my posts… as you can see, that’s much easier with Vine!  There are a couple of other features missing too.

Either way, this is exciting stuff!  Have you had a go?  Have you got any thoughts about how you could use a tool like this yourself? @Tina_P i’d love to see you using this at ISTE! 🙂


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