If you open up your copy of Activ Inspire you should be prompted to update to the latest version – 1.8.  The latest version of the software seems to have geared its improvements around the questioning tools and in expanding it multi touch capabilities. Of course, the number of touch points you get will now depend on the hardware that you have installed.

I’m still looking for a definitive list of all of the new features that 1.8 has to offer.  Here’s what I can tell you so far (Taken from Promethean Planet):

The following enhancements are now available:

  • Support for multiple users working with the software on touch surfaces. Multiple users can write on the surface at the same time (in the same ink color), and multiple objects on the ActivInspire flipchart can be manipulated simultaneously using gestures (pinch, stretch, rotate)

  • Support for ActiView 324 that will be available shortly

  • In the Question Manager, when creating a new question, the text “Type here to add a question” is removed automatically

  • Also in Question Manager, the checkbox “Assign correct answer” is auto-checked if the user selects a correct answer or types text on the “Correct answer” text box

One very important thing to note is that when you update your software you don’t automatically update your drivers too.  To get the best out of your hardware and take advantage of as many of the gesture features as your product will allow make sure you head to the Planet and download the latest driver (5.9.27).

How do I update?

Update via Dashboar d- Inspire

Update via the dashboard

Inspire. Check for updatesWell, if you’re network administrator has set up your machine so that you can install software all you need to do is  click  the configure option on your Dashboard and select Check for Updates.  Alternatively, once Activ Inspire has loaded, head to the help menu and click Check for Updates.  The software will then start to download and auto run to install.   Of course, you might find that you need to speak to your network administrator to get this happening for you 🙂

Many of the teachers I work with are still on versions below 1.5.  If so, you’re missing out on a whole host of fabulous features!  Get updating (or nagging for an update! )  You can find out what version you are on by clicking on the Help menu and then choosing About



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