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Out with the Old…

We all like to have a make over now and then. A spruce up, a spring clean, a new look.  Well, I’ve spent some time updating my style here and I hope you like it?  This is actually the third new look I’ve implemented but this time, the new look contains the capacity to have a new direction too.  When I do my keynotes and workshops, I end up answering lots of fabulous questions that often are supplementary to the topic of the original course.  The participants are often hungry for more and I soon run out of time! I know that it’s important to be able to access quick, useful support and soon this site will contain a whole new area – Online courses.  The first step was to get the new look and design sorted, the next is to get the courses in place so that you can access them when you want, where ever you are.

I’ve tried hard to look at the most popular bits of the site and adapt the user experience so that it’s easier to get to the pages you like the most.  I’ve cleaned it all up and removed a lot of the clutter but I’d really, really value your feedback.  If you have some time to comment then I promise to take any suggestions you make and use them to help me develop the site even further 🙂

  • How easy is it to find what you came here for?
  • Do you like the new layout?
  • Are you experiencing any issues with the site’s layout?  It’s responsive so it should adapt to whatever device your using – how’s that looking for you?
  • Is there anything that you liked about the old site that you miss now?
  • Anything you wish I’d thought of? 😉

Thank you in advance to anyone who comments whether that be here, on Facebook or Twitter.





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