The newest version of SMART Notebook™ is on it’s way. Due to be released in April, there are a few subtle changes to look forward to:

New Pen Tools

This version of the software sees the introduction of the ‘Text Pen’. A new, and improved handwriting recognition tool.  Now, it does more than just recognise your writing.  It allows you to edit the text you have inputed by using the pen.  No need for your keyboard (virtual or otherwise) gestures and slashes with your new text pen tool will give the opportunity to add, delete and edit the text you have inputted.

There is also an addition for the arty amongst us.  The Paint Pen.  It does what it says on the tin and allows you to choose from paint effect inks.  It works under the same principles as the Crayon Pen but this time, it looks like paint.

The rest of the video, released by SMART last week shows them using widgets like GeoGebra (not currently available as  Notebook Widget but obviously on its way) and XC Collaboration (Which has just come out of BETA). The 3D element has been around for a while so I’m not so clear as to what’s too new there – apart from the ability to use labels on it maybe? If anyone knows more and wants to clarify i’d love to know 🙂

Time for a ‘Sea-Change’ ?

SMART’s business plan seems to be developing… Coming very soon we will see the End User Licence Agreements start to evolve.  Licenses are going to be available for everyone, on every device…

“…allow educators to access Notebook software in every classroom, regardless of the brand of interactive hardware they use.”


but they are introducing Annual plans for upgrades and packages of widgets (some of which are shown in the video above).

“All SMART hardware purchases include one year of Notebook Advantage.”

Sadly, if you choose not to renew you won’t be eligible for any further updates.

“Customers without a valid Notebook Advantage plan may continue to use their existing version of SMART Notebook software, but won’t be eligible for product updates, live technical support or subject-specific add-ons. Access to SMART’s new and improved knowledge base for self-serve support will still be available.”

It’s very interesting indeed.  This move would seem to suggest a need to generate new revenue from subscriptions rather than through new sales of Hardware. The app store worked for Apple 😉

For more information on the changes to the license agreement and Notebook Advantage check out this What You Need To Know page on SMART’s website.


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