Some of you know that I have had at least one book out on the shelves for a little while. That book focused on TPACK and Activ Inspire (with a Promethean Activ Board).  I’ve often been asked when I’m going to write a book along the same lines for SMART™ Notebook.  Well.. it’s done, it’s out there and it’s ready to be read (and reviewed) by those who fancy a look.   [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=3]

Pedagogically Speaking – Tips and Tricks for SMART Notebook™ is now available both in your book store, online from Amazon and Createspace and as an apple iBook.  Following the same format as my other book, I have provided over 50 different tips and tricks that will help you to get the most out of your Notebook Software.

So, if you’ve got a SMART Board and you:

Pedagogically Speaking - Tips and Tricks for SMART Notebook

  • Want to learn more about how to use it to get the best learning out of your students.
  • Wish you had some tried and tested lesson ideas.
  • Would love some how-to guides to empower your practice.
  • Want to improve the way you’re using ICT in your classroom
  • Have been to one of my courses and wanted more
  • Want to explore TPACK and Interactive Whiteboards

Why not take a look?  There are samples available on both Amazon and the iBook store.

Please let me know what you think.  You can buy the book directly from me and have it with you in a day or so if you like.  [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=3]

Don’t forget that the original Promethean  Activ Inspire book is now available in iBooks  and directly from me too!


Download Pedagogically Speaking... Tips and Tricks for SMART Notebook™from iBooksBuy Pedagogically Speaking Tricks and Tips for Activ INspire or SMART Notebook


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