Yesterday, I had the pleasure of working with the CESA Languages team again. We wanted to evaluate what we’d been doing in our classroom as part of the “Innovation in Learning and Teaching Languages and Cultures Project” lead by @lregolanguages, Anne Spencer and Edgar Bliss.  Here’s how our day went:


How much do we break down our practice to identify what it is we’re doing as practitioners to make the learning magic happen? If we can acknowledge and identify the learning strategies we are using, can we evaluate their impact? Sometimes we can be guilty of too much scaffolding, stifling the learners who could push past the boundaries that we probably didn’t mean to create. Sometimes we find ourselves leading too much of the learning and not giving our students the opportunity to show and share with us their own talents and perspectives. There were some really interesting conversations happening; particularly in the afternoon.

If you were at the session and have had some more time to reflect, I’d love to hear your thoughts about what you got (or didn’t get) from the session! It’ll help us to decide what’s next! There’s a comments section at the bottom of this post where you can leave your thoughts, messages or hellos 🙂 If you weren’t at the session but you have some ideas about resources or thinking that might challenge us further @LFrontiers ? then please share!! 🙂 Connected learning is powerful stuff! Let’s model that ourselves so we can help our students to experience the same thing in our classrooms 🙂


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