Lesson Planner AppFor those of you who already have the Lesson Planner app, you might have noticed a few changes since Saturday.  First of all, thank you for being one of the many people who have downloaded the app over the past two years.  I hope that it has proved useful to you.  Secondly, I hope you love it’s new look and improved content 🙂

What’s Changed?

app400Practically: We’ve updated the look and feel to bring it in line with the new iOS styles.  I’ve also gone through and re-written the content.  I’ve attempted to add extra details, give far more images as examples and renamed them so that they are little easier to contextualise.

Technically (for those who are curious) : we’ve moved from a development platform that wasn’t native to iOS to developing in Xcode (the native iOS platform).  This has mean that we ‘ve been able to include gestures in there, it also means that I can edit and add to the content far easier.  Hopefully, that will mean new updates and additional content.

What’s next?

  • I’ve actually written separate ICT content for all of the activities.  These contain ideas as to how you can use ICT to enhance the activities further.  These are all in line with the Australian Curriculum’s General Capability for Information Communications Technology.  The next release should see a new menu set through which you will be able to access these.
  • I’ll also be adding indicators to each as to what other General Capabilities the activities could be used to cover.  Helping you to map where you’re adding them into your lessons and highlighting opportunities to diversify and expand on the learning opportunities you’re presenting
  • Further down the line, I’m hoping to add some facility through which you can select one activity from each section and the app will collate one pdf with all four parts on it for you.  It will, effectively, provide you with the shell for you lesson. We’ll be able to do this because we’ve moved to the native iOS development platform.

Don’t have the app yet?

Well, I’ll be making the app free of charge for 24 hours on Saturday 6th September.  I’m sorry that i have to ask people to pay but there’s no big budget company behind the development of this tool.  It’s the only way to cover costs 🙂  If you can’t wait until Saturday you can download it now, as always, from the app store.

I’d love to get your feedback (feel free to comment below) and reviews in the apple store if you have the time 🙂



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