I’ve taken the next step with ReflectGrowth.com.  Having sent out questionnaires to all of our co-create members we realised that what people wanted was a place to share stories, to learn from each other and accelerate their growth as they went.  We also needed a space to share the work that I’ve been doing on the framework for teaching quality and get some feedback.  So, reflectgrowth.com/co-create has been born!

I’d love to invite everyone who is involved in this learning space to come and join me over there too.  There are some fantastic discussions to be a  part of and, already, less than 24 hours after we opened the doors, teachers are swapping ideas and resources all in the spirit of collegial learning.

Reflecting on Teaching Quality (IMG_2681)Obviously, I’ve also finished (if that can ever be the case) the first draft of the framework that will underpin the software that we’re creating and the next step is to validate the process. I already have one school signed up in the Western Suburbs.  They’re going to help us with the development of the project and test out the software as it develops.  I’m looking for schools in all four corners (and the middle) of the kingdom so if you think your principal might be interested in having a chat with us then please contact me and I’ll definitely be in touch 🙂 There are many benefits I can offer in return i promise 🙂




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