I do consider myself to be a connected educator.  Connecting educators is one of the things I am very passionate about.  I make sure I teach this explicitly to my students at Flinders (sometimes with some resistance) and I’ve even created a whole new community, just for teachers which is growing in strength and numbers.  I love connecting with others.  Learning and sharing in this profession is just, well, vital!

I thought that it might be useful to share the groups, communities and hashtags that I use regularly. Please feel free to comment below so that we can share other places we can connect.

 Facebook –  Groups and Pages

Key:   Page   icon-unlock Open Group   icon-lock Closed Group (ask to join)




 icon-leaf Reflect Growth Groups and Forums

 icon-google-plus Google+ Communities and Pages




 icon-twitter Twitter Hashtags and Tweet Ups.

This is the best list I know



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