I’ve been asked to deliver a lecture on Monday. I’ve been asked to talk about how we can help parents to help us (and our students) to meet the four requirements found in the Organising Element of Applying social and ethical protocols and practices (ASEPP) when using ICT in the ICT General Capabilityy. (still with me? Got to love the governments ‘short’ and ‘efficient’ structure when it comes to those docs ;). As usual, I wanted to do something a little bit ‘outside the box’ so… I’m attempting to create a lecture tweetup.

At 3pm on Monday 31st of August, I will be running a lecture using this Prezi. On it are 4 questions. As with a traditional tweet up, these questions will be directed to those taking part on twitter whilst, at the same time, I will be giving a lecture demonstrating some ideas to the students. The idea being that they get to hear some basic ideas/ examples and thoughts from me but at the same time you can share your thoughts and ask/answer questions too. Hopefully we’ll all learn something new by sharing our knowledge and expertise together.

Ultimately, our students have to create a blog post (on a brand new blog they are going to create next week) in which they write to parents to encourage them to get involved in helping their children develop their skills in ASEPP. I am incredibly passionate about connecting our pre-service teachers to the ‘real world’ of the classroom teacher so that we are always working with what is current, true and relevant to the profession they are training to join.

How you can get Involved…

Share some stories:

As part of the lecture, I’ve been gathering stories of current practices around the ASEPP in the classroom using this google doc. Whether or not you can make it on Monday… if you have any experience of teaching years 3-6 please consider answering one or two of the questions on there and sharing some of your great practices with our students 🙂

Join us for the Tweet-up on #educ3625:                                                                             

Tag = #educ3625
Time – 3pm – 4pm (Adelaide time – pop in when you can)
Date Monday 31st August
My Twitter Handle: @teachertechnol – feel free to message me with questions.

The four Questions:

  • Qu1: What are the key things (in ASEP levels 3+4) that we can support parents to help us with?
  • Qu 2: How do we address these ideas in classroom?
  • Qu 3: What resources can we use to support parents to support us?
  • Qu 4: How can we use a blog to engage parents and make them part of the learning experience?

Share a class blog

If you have a class blog that our students could look at please comment the URL below. We’re looking for inspiration 🙂 Be our Muse 🙂

  1. juli 6 years ago

    Basic class blog used to communicate with parents, albeit intermittently!:
    Feel free to head on over.

  2. Author
    Selena Woodward 6 years ago

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoayEVFwFo4 feel free to watch the recording. Share your thoughts on #educ3625 as you watch  

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