You all know that I am a big fan of blogs. I’ve been writing then for over a decade.  This particular site is actually going to turn 10 next year – which is amazing!  It’s charted my thoughts, my questions, my learning and my passion for all things education and technology.  Now we have AITSL standards to tick off, we also need a place to store our evidence of practice.  Through both my work on Reflect Growth and with the pre-service teachers at Flinders, I’ve realised that many teachers want to store their evidence (reflections, certificates, examples of practice) online;  preferring to opt for a more paperless storage tool that will also offer them the opportunity to showcase themselves as learners.   However, often the barrier of having to find a platform to do so and then setting that up with everything they need to easily apply the AISTL standards to each piece can seem insurmountable.

A few years ago my husband and I wrote a theme for WordPress which did most of this set up for you. However, although this theme would give you everything you needed to get going once you had a WordPress site.  You had to be able to set up a WordPress instance first.  Another barrier!!

Edufolios Demo ScreenshotSo, four weeks ago (tomorrow) we quietly launched . A website that setups both a WordPress instance and the theme for you and it does it in minutes with minimal hassle.  The response to it has been amazing and we’ve had many people subscribe to a beta version and a school in QLD have bought a license for eight of their staff as they experiment with how they are helping their teachers to gather and reflect on their evidence.


We’ve received some awesome feedback from these early adopters which we have used to add more features and tweak our offering.  I’d love to invite you to come and check out, to join our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.  We’ve reduced the subscription cost whilst we’re in beta so now is a great time to experiment with it 🙂


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